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Moringa Pay was created to help you earn more money

Moringa Pay is an innovative App aimed at cashless tipping, that allows individuals and teams to receive cashless tips directly from customers.

Moringa Pay is dedicated to the individual tip worker, and is the perfect cashless solution for all Hospitality workers, beauticians, barbers and performers and any job that provides a service to a customer.

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Moringa Pay was created to help you earn more money

Once signed up you will be sent our friendly tips badge that will show you are able to accept payments for tips appreciating your hard work



Motivation, staff happiness, staff turnover and morale are all impacted by tips. If you can influence these elements through your policy on tipping, it’s the easiest thing you will ever change in your business.


Waking up in the morning or leaving the house for the evening to go to work is never easy. Hospitality staff often working unsociable hours to cater and serve people, so motivation quickly becomes a vital aspect of their work. While it comes down to many different aspects, tipping can become a vital reason for your team to stay motivated. Adding incentives to their role in your business will boost motivation, and tipping is a great incentive that already exists.

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To be able to receive tips. Just click signup and fill out the application form as a sole trader. If approved, your account will be active in 24hrs and then you can start receiving tips directly into your bank account